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Chefs of Exuberant Wonder! - Library Stadium

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December 16th, 2006

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09:13 pm - Chefs of Exuberant Wonder!
Battle Roster:

tomodachikiko : Kiko from [Classified] who wields MIZUKI with frightening skill and accuracy, her favorite catch phrase? "And then Wufei ate moldy cheese."
erture : Erica, a citizen of the world likes to scream "Pie, anyone?" while battling with string cheese.
realdartagnan : Charles also hails from the esteemed US and is more than just a Musketeer with his Charles-Hubert Iridium Nibbed Campbell Plaid fountain pen over frequent cries of "That's just not right!"
oravannahka : Ashley enters the ring with her Wok of Wacking and screams "..."
theweed : Nicky attacks from Canada with her Razor Sharp Wit (!?) and calmly states in an ice cold voice "Ovaries of Steel."
aracale : Ryan is a Lean Mean Canadian Chocolate Truffle Throwing Machine known for saying "Did I just say that?"
lightbulby : Lightbulby is a soldier from the US of A with the fearsome weapon of Mind-Altering Hallucinogens created at 3am inside her brain, her battlecry is "...Dubya tee eff?"
onna_soujirou : Kaede is also from the USA and her weapon of choice is Sharpened artifical nails, when you hear "Time to sleep." You know Kaede is near.
nefthoron : Storms in from Britain swinging her Rhythm Stick high screeching "Nifty!"
caidentity : Swoops down from the USA with a Spork of Sarcasm in hand, quietly mumbling, but dangerously so "'[ins. expletive here]'"
lunarwolf2002 : Parachutes in from the USA with Giant Flower Pot of Fluff and says "Yeah, So?"
cobrasnaps : Hails from the USA and wields Hawaiian sweet bread of spanking sexiness while cackling "I OWN YOU!"
charisma : Laura lives in the USA and uses Michael as her killing instrument, she is known to yell "Hot wordfu action!"
nikcool: Nikki uses the style of drunken writing with ease, a favorite among people from the USA and is often heard saying "There's a catch phrase?"
k_puff: Deborah is one of the feared in this sport, coming all the way from the USA and swinging her Howling Giraffe Scythe, she is known to whisper "Oh, sheeee!" to her victims.
imogenn : Shayna is a hard-hitting, Spatula-of-Doom-swinging author from the United States of etc., courageously bellowing "Your face!" for the world to hear.
isobel_m : Isobel hails from New York, where she can be sometimes spotted clasping her pen (which doubles as a sword) tightly, saying: "Am I going to have to choke a bitch?"
word_plumber : Hannah and her Mini-Emperor Caligula write furiously fromthe USA, telling each other "That's not a delectable pastry, that's my spleen!"
raja815 : The United States of Whatever is a proud motherland of Raja and her Man-eating Betta Fish, who nobly sign autographs with "They call that irony".
fireflypenance : Ashe plans her evil schemes from The Province of Wilson, where her Acrobatic Demolition Butterflies twitter maliciously, "Well, isn't that special."
ironside : this proud candidate hails from Canadakastan, cheering "..." as she fights with the strength within her heart.
hieru : Hieru Yoko from the freezing state of California is a walking, talking literary menace, wielding her Whip of Angst and Rod of Fluff as she mutters "Pika, Pika Chu!" to passersby. She is also devoted to WK and an FF8 fan.

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