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Eternal Glory

A couple words that go along with iron_author.
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The Rules

ANYONE may participate, but participate you must.
ANY form of writing is free game, poetry, prose, fanfiction, screen play... I will draw the lines at MST however.
Parodying, comedy, smut or slash is fine, but offend our judges and your score will suffer!

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How It Works
A "theme ingredient" will be introduced at the beginning of each month.
The writers will have until the end of the month to create a minimum of four 'courses' a maximum of eight 'courses'.
Appetizers : exactly 100 words
TWO main courses: more than 300 words
ONE desert: 200 words or less.

Your extra 'dishes' can be whatever word length you want :p

It can be ANY fandom or original or whatever. A mix, who cares? However, it is STRONGLY encouraged that all the fics have a common "thread" besides the secret ingredient, whether that be characters or setting or whatever.

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How Can I Win
There will be a 'tasting panel' which will judge each of the writing pieces on:
Presentation (IE, effective use of the enter key, bold, italics, caps)
Style (does it flow well?)
Technique (grammar and spelling and all that jazz)
Taste (Did they like it?)
Creativity (Was it new and exciting!? Squid ink pasta?!)

A total of 50 possible points (10 per category)

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If you are interested in being a judge, leave a comment on the post linked below. If there is a challenge that you feel you are particularly interested in judging instead of competing in, let me know and I will put you on the panel for that challenge.

However, if there are not three judges that volunteer, then judges on the Tasting Panel will be summoned. You have been warned!

Judging for the previous challenge will occur simultaneously with the current month's challenge. This means that one person could, theoretically, judge and compete at the same time, if you really really wanted to. Judges will be expected to "taste" the entries and return them with scores within two weeks of recieving them.

I highly encourage people to join the Tasting Panel! It's fun and easy, and it takes maybe half an hour to do if you read fast.

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The Winning pieces will be put into a SUPER SPECIAL HALL OF FAME like post. So, feel special. Also, winners will automatically be added to the Tasting Panel and will be expected to judge for the next month's challenge (unless given direct permission by one of the mods to do otherwise).

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The Linx
The Hall of Fame: HERE
Sign Up to Play: HERE
Sign Up to be on the Tasting Panel: HERE
Roster of Chefs: HERE
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